Catharine & Ansley | Senior Portraits

I believe in movie nights spent on the couch with popcorn watching old home videos. Laughing over your youngest sibling's terrible bowl cut from third grade & recalling the smell of cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven while presents are opened on Christmas morning.

I grew up with a brother, so having a sister is foreign to me. But I imagine the sister bond is strong - once you get past the stage of stealing each others' clothes. Ha! Who am I kidding, that probably never stops.

I can only imagine the memories these two sisters have shared throughout the years. This year is a special one, though, because they are both seniors for the class of 2017 - Catharine, a college graduate, & Ansley, a high school graduate.

I simply loved adventuring around downtown Mobile with these two sisters. A random parking garage & Bienville Square made for the perfect backdrops for Catharine & Ansley.

Congrats girls! So thankful you allowed me to capture such an exciting season for you two & your family.

Hannah | 2017 Senior

In just a few short months, this little lady will embark on one of life's greatest adventures - college. But for now we choose to embrace the last moments of high school. And oh how sweet those moments are.  

We spent a Saturday morning together & touched base on a few of her favorite things: the theater, a cozy coffee shop & downtown Mobile. 

Hannah's top two favorites shows are Mary Poppins & Willy Wonka. She had the opportunity to be a part of both productions at the Chickasaw Civic Theatre

One of Hannah's request was that we take some shots in a coffee shop - girl, you don't have to ask me twice! Love these and shout out to Serda's for making a gorgeous caramel macchiato. 


Sweet girl. Embrace every moment that remains of your high school days. They will fly by. Trust me. But prepare for one of the greatest times in your life. Tackle your freshman year of college with every ounce of passion that you have.

I cannot wait to see you move mountains & make those dreams reality. You go grad!

*P. S. Always listen to your mom, she's right 110% of the time.