Shelby | History Museum of Mobile Bridal Portraits

Shelby Mobile Alabama Bridal Portraits Deborah Michelle Photography History Museum of Mobile

A dream come true is what this Mobile bridal portrait session was. For years, Shelby has dreamed of a portrait on the grand marble staircase at the History Museum of Mobile in downtown Mobile, Alabama. Now you might be thinking, that’s an odd request…until you see it.

Shelby just received her education degree from Springhill College with a focus in history, so this session combined all of her worlds. And to top it off, All A Bloom made a stunning bouquet centered around the bride’s favorite flower - a sunflower.

Oh & her dress! Ya’ll, it’s what every Southern girl dreams of. Shelby, I had so much fun playing “dress up” with you before your June wedding day.

Shelby Mobile Alabama Bridal Portraits Deborah Michelle Photography

In case you were not aware, the History Museum has the cutest little courtyard that we just had to take advantage of. Hello white walls with greenery growing up it for days! #photographersdream

Mobile Alabama Bridal Portraits Deborah Michelle Photography
Mobile Alabama Bridal Portraits Deborah Michelle Photography

As we were about to make our transition to a new location, a small rain shower came out of nowhere. #soMobile We pulled together resources & umbrellas & made a move across town. Huge thanks to the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion for having one of the best covered porches in Mobile, Alabama. Eventually the rain stopped & we got a few more lovely bridal portraits along the oak drive.

Shelby Mobile Alabama Bridal Portraits Deborah Michelle Photography
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Bridal Portraits Deborah Michelle Photography

Vendors for Shelby’s Bridal Portrait Session

Venues: History Museum of Mobile & Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Taylor Ladnier at Salon Whairhouse

Florlist: All A Bloom

Kaileigh & Blake | Hermitage-Rippy Estate Mobile, Alabama Engagement Session

Kaileigh & Blake | Engaged DMP-22.jpg

Two high school sweethearts are beginning their forever this Saturday with a Mobile, Alabama Wedding day. It’s wedding week for Kaileigh & Blake & I am thrilled to be their Alabama Wedding photographer.

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with the two of them for their engagement session at the same spot they will say I Do! They chose the Hermitage-Rippy Estate in Mobile, Alabama because of it’s Southern charm & its gracious hosts. And I consider the Hermitage-Rippy one of Mobile’s hidden gems. The extravagant white columns invite you in, while the oak trees encourage you to stay awhile.

I love engagement sessions because they give me the opportunity to get to know my couples before their big day. For this Alabama girl & a tall farm boy from Idaho, it all begin in one Math class at Baker High School. Blake recalled, “it’s the only bad grade” that he had in high school…perhaps because he was a little distracted by the pretty brunette next to him. It didn’t take long before they began dating, followed by a Bellingrath Gardens & Home proposal two Christmas’ ago.

Her favorite thing about him is that he keeps her laughing & how he cares deeply. And he loves that their souls feel connected way beyond their years. They share the same morals & values & will vow to keep them as they build their very own family.

Gulf Coast Alabama Wedding Photographer Deborah Michelle Photography
Hermitage-Rippy Estate Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer Deborah Michelle Photography
Kaileigh & Blake Engagement Session Deborah Michelle Photography
Kaileigh & Blake Engagement Session Hermitage Rippy Estate Deborah Michelle Photography
Kaileigh & Blake Engagement Session Hermitage Rippy Estate Deborah Michelle Photography
Kaileigh & Blake Engagement Session Hermitage Rippy Estate Deborah Michelle Photography
Kaileigh & Blake Engagement Session Hermitage Rippy Estate Deborah Michelle Photography

See ya’ll in just a few days! Kaileigh, you’ll be the one in white. Blake will be waiting for you at the end of the aisle. And I’ll be the lucky one capturing your day one as husband & wife!

Venue: Hermitage-Rippy Estate

A Year in Review | 2018

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018

So you know how everyone is doing their Top 9 right now? Well of course I did mine and it was all pictures of me and none of my work. And honestly that hurt as an artist. Did no one like my work? Did no one see all the portraits I captured this year? Lies. All lies. You, my friend, spent the past year celebrating with me as a person. Sure you loved my work but you were invested in my personal highlights even more so. 2018 was a big year for just that. I got the chance to be the bride for once and wear the white dress. I walked down the aisle and exchanged vows with my best friend.

Even though this past year was a great year personally it was not my favorite professionally. Moving my small business was hard, but luckily I have a team here to help me. If I could put a title on 2018 for my business it would be, ‘Growing Pains’. Stepping back and reevaluating everything is not easy. You are a failure. You are not good enough to make it. Lies. More lies. As I type this I hear my best friend say, “Not today Satan, not today!” Y’all it’s hard. And it’s taken me awhile to realize it’s ok to admit that. One of the many reasons I adore established photographers like Katelyn James and Jenna Kutcher is because they are so open and honest about their struggles both personally and professionally.

Often times I question why I am a photographer, but then I am quickly reminded why. I have a faithful few clients who I photograph year after year. One I have photographed for 10 years and three children later! They are the reason why. They believed in this girl with a camera and continue to support me.

One photographer I follow posted this the other day on Instagram and I completely agree. “If 2018 taught me anything it’s to feel the moment - the hurt, the disappointment - forgive (yourself or others) and MOVE ON. Stop living in a permanent state of punishment for a temporary choice. You’re allowed to fail. Hell. You NEED to fail. Failure teaches us grist and purpose more than success ever will.” (@alisha_crossley_photography)

Goodbye 2018, this girl is eager and expectant of good things to come in the new year. Some might even say magical (*hint to where DMP is relocating to).

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Fairhope Alabama Wedding
Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Citronelle Community Center Mobile Alabama Wedding

Highlights of 2018

  • Created laughter between a bride and her best friends.

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Bragg Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Wedding Bridesmaids
  • Captured 12 families during this season of life. A few brought me to the sea shore where I could wiggle my toes in the sand, another allowed me to announce their families’ big news, and all brought about tickle fights and mighty laughter.

  • Played dress up with three of my Deborah Michelle Brides as we awaited their wedding days.

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Bridal Session Bella Sera Gardens Alabama
  • Shared quite a few tears. Moments shared between a bride and her mom get me every time; first looks too!

  • Fueled my love of floral design by assisting Lisa of Thorne and Thistle for a couple of weddings in Auburn, Alabama. Upon arriving to a new city, I reached out to several local vendors to try to connect. Lisa took me in and showed me a different side to weddings. It was a treat to work with such a talented floral designer. I could not help myself but to take a few iPhone pictures here and there.

  • Celebrated two college seniors from opposing universities.

  • Consumed a lot of coffee and several slices of wedding cake. After all that’s the REAL reason why I shoot weddings. Ha!

  • Photographed the most dapper of men.

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Groomsmen Watson Farms Mobile, Alabama Wedding
  • Reconnected with DMP brides as they take on the role of mommy!

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Maternity Portrait Session
Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Mobile Alabama Maternity Portrait Session
  • Worked with some of the best in the business. Shout out to Toni Goodie, Joanna Lee, Ashley Mason and Sara Grace McClain for helping me out this year.

Not only did Ashley assist me this fall during wedding season, but she gave me the honor of photographing her fifth anniversary with Weston. They are the cutest!

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Auburn Alabama Photographer
  • Encouraged as many puppy kisses as possible - after all the canines are part of the family too!

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Opelika Alabama Family Photographer
  • Cut many rugs on the dance floor!

  • Shared this season of wedding planning with several couples and discovered what they love most about their partner.

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Greensboro Alabama Engagement Portrait Session
Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Springhill College Mobile Alabama Engagement Portrait Session
  • Was invited to be a part of the most intimate moments in one’s life. And I will forever treasure those opportunities to capture their beginning as husband and wife.

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer
Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Bragg Mitchell Mansion Wedding Mobile Alabama

2018 will be a year to remember. A year full of hard lessons mixed sweet memories. A year where I learned I cannot do it on my own and lean heavily on my greatest team member, my business savvy husband.

Babe, thank you. Thank you for letting me soak your t-shirts in tears split over my business. Thank you for driving me to my sessions and reminding me of my talent. Thank you for pushing me to keep going when I was ready to quit. I know it has not been easy but I would not be the photographer I am today with your love and support.

To my clients, thank you. I started my business because I wanted to share my talents with people. I wanted to capture moments that you would treasure for a lifetime. For several years, I have poured out my passions to you over coffee and you invited me into your season of life. I will forever find joy serving you and walking alongside you in this journey called life.

*Oh and I bet you are dying to know where DMP is going next……

HELLO BIRMINGHAM! Alert the presses, DMP is in the Magic City. My husband and I are super excited about moving as newlyweds, establishing some roots and making this Alabama city our home.

Cheers to a New Year and a new city!

Deborah Michelle Photography 2018 Birmingham Alabama Photographer

The Mattoxes | Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Spring Wedding

Christy & Tyler Bragg Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Spring Wedding

I know I am not supposed to have my favorites BUT this was my favorite wedding on May 19th, 2018. (Royal wedding, I'm looking at you!) It was a magical day here across the pond in Mobile, Alabama. From the first look on the porch of an antebellum home to the family portraits nestled in between azalea bushes to dancing the night away, oh man it was a wonderful celebration for Christy & Tyler.  

We started the day with their first look which allowed us plenty of time for portraits at the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion followed by lots of laughter with their bridal party. It wasn't long before Christy made her way down the aisle to her groom at St. Mary Parish Catholic Church. And then back over to the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion for food & dancing. It was one of the most fun wedding day celebrations that I have been a part of. Congrats to the Mattoxes & thank you for allowing me to capture your first day as husband & wife!

Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Wedding Deborah Michelle Photography
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama Wedding
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama Wedding Spring 2018 Christy & Tyler
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding

I loved the soft purple that the bride chose for her maids. Looked fabulous on all of them!

Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Wedding Bridesmaids Deborah Michelle Photography
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding

Ah! So much joy! And one of my most favorite moments of the day is finally here.... It’s that moment immediately following the ceremony when the bride & groom look at each other with the biggest smiles of the day. Their eyes lock & they realize that they are married at last & it’s the sweetest moment to capture. So don’t mind me, the crazy photographer chasing after the couple. The result is worth it. Every time.

Christy and Tyler Mobile, Alabama May Wedding St. Mary's Catholic Church
Christy and Tyler Mobile, Alabama May Wedding St. Mary's Catholic Church

Once the I Do's were said & the rings exchanged, it was time to head back to the Bragg-Mitchell for a night of great food & dancing.

Christy and Tyler Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama May Wedding
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama Wedding
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama Wedding
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama Wedding

Garth Brooks' "Calling Baton Rouge" was the perfect song for this Louisiana bride & her maids. 

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama Wedding
Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Deborah Michelle Photography Christy & Tyler Wedding

Congrats again you two!

Here's a look at all who made Christy & Tyler's day of celebration so much fun: 

Photographer's Assistant: Toni Goodie
Ceremony: St. Mary Parish, Mobile AL
Reception Venue: Bragg-Mitchell Mansion
Florist: Kristy Berry
Band: Family Jewels, Veet's Bar
Cake: Pollman's Bake Shops
Hair & Makeup: Beth Glover Wilkerson
Transportation: Royal Limousine, LLC.

Catering: Naomi's Catering

Haley | Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Bridal Portraits

Haley Bridal Portraits Bragg Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer

You're engaged. Now what?! My best advice - find another bride who is also in the midst of planning hers too. I found mine & it was such a blessing.

Meet Haley. My friend & fellow spring bride. I met Haley a few years ago & we talked about single life & never thought we'd eventually get married within weeks of one another. But the Lord had other plans. We both found the greatest of guys even when we were a little skeptical that any still even existed. So as soon as she got engaged it was a no brainier that we'd share lists of local vendors & bounce ideas off of one another.

I literally squealed when she asked me to be her wedding photographer & cried happy tears when she booked one of my favorite Mobile venues for her wedding day. So needless to say I was thrilled when she took advantage having her bridal session at the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion the month before her big day. Two things: I have no doubt that this Pronovias Princia gown from Something New Bridal Boutique was made just for Haley. It fits her like a glove & took my breath away when she walked out in it. And her veil was perfection. See for yourself....

Haley Bridal Portraits Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama

Brace yourself for this next portrait....

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Bridal Portraits Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer


*Funny story: the Bragg-Mitchell was open for tours the day we took Haley's bridals & a few of the tourists snapped pictures of this Southern Bride while we were setting up this shot. "I felt like a celebrity!" she later mentioned.

Haley | Full Gallery-53.jpg
Haley | Full Gallery-101.jpg

Isn't the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion just the sweetest backdrop for this gorgeous Southern bride?!

Haley Bridal Portraits Mobile Alabama Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

P.S. If you think these bridal portraits are stunning just wait until you see her with her groom on her wedding day. Haley literally glows!

Haley | Full Gallery-143.jpg

Venue: Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama

Bride's Dress: Something New Bridal Boutique Mobile, Alabama

Bride's Ring: Ritani

Florals: Sarah Beth's Florist

Hair & Makeup: Genesis Salon Mobile, Alabama

Expert Veil Tosser: Lori, the bride's sweet momma

New Town Newlywed | A Personal Post

Deborah Michelle Photography Auburn Alabama Alabama Wedding Photographer

Hey Auburn, Hey Auburn, there's a new girl in town...

Never in a million years would I have imagined that this Bama girl would be living in that other town. You see I grew up just south of Tuscaloosa & my t-shirts are crimson & white. But God sure does have a sense of humor because I fell in love with an Auburn boy.

Moving in general is a huge undertaking but moving a small business can be hard. For years you've worked to established yourself in an area & eventually became friends with the wedding professionals that you've worked alongside & now it's like the first day of kindergarten all over again. But if there's one thing I have learned, it's that you have to seek out community. And that's my number one goal as I move into my new town.

Meet my little family. Richard is my HUSBAND. *Goodness I like the sound of that. :) He is the kindest, gentlest soul that I've ever known & often teaches me to live in the moment. He is finishing up his PhD at Auburn University & I am so proud of him. I'll never forget the first conversation we had. I asked him where he lived & when he said Auburn I responded with "Oh I'm sorry!" Ha! Jokes on me because the loveliest village on the plains is now my new home as a newlywed. 

And our family wouldn't be complete without our four legged son, Elliot. He loves any adventure that we bring him along, especially if it ends in an ice cream cone from Sonic.

So far I am blown away by the hospitality shown by this town & have had the best time exploring new places. I have discovered all the coffee shops (of course) & love weekends spent with brunch at The Hound followed by a trip to Kiesel Park with Elliot.

Hey thanks for reading this little personal post & following me along on this exciting new season of life as a newlywed.

If you are a fellow photographer or creative in the Auburn, Opelika, Columbus areas, let's grab coffee ASAP! (And maybe do a head-shot swap so my sweet husband doesn't have to next time. Bless it, he did so well didn't he?!) Seriously, I cannot wait to get to know you & work alongside you.


Debby Cullum

*Mobile, I am still your girl. I will forever travel to your Gulf Coast to capture your wedding days. So don't think I have abandoned you. My car knows I65 South real well.

Our wedding was shot by the wonderful Elizabeth Gelineau - check out our blog here which was also recently featured on Southern Weddings! AHHH!

Collage pictures were shot with an iPhone X.

The Adams | Watson Farms Mobile Alabama Spring Wedding

Cassie and Logan Mobile Alabama Watson Farms Wedding

Most would say the seventeenth of March is a day full of luck to which I would agree. A few Mobile rains showers changed some of their original plans but provided a cool afternoon for Cassie & Logan's quaint wedding ceremony & reception at Watson Farms. And plus rain is considered good luck on your wedding day anyways, right?!

From the moment I met Cassie, I knew she was a simple yet nurturing soul. She takes care of everyone in her closet circle including her son, Ethan. And on the day of her engagement session, I got to meet her other half, Logan. Together these three make one family & it is the sweetest.

Adams Wedding-419.jpg

Adams Wedding-29.jpg
Adams Wedding-160.jpg
Adams Wedding-239.jpg
Adams Wedding-111.jpg
Watson Farms Mobile Alabama Wedding Spring
Mobile Alabama Barn Wedding Spring 2018 Deborah Michelle Photography
Watson Farm March 2018 Wedding Deborah Michelle Photography

Adams Wedding-553.jpg
Adams Wedding-561.jpg

Mama's Song by Carrie Underwood will favorite be one of my favorites.

Adams Wedding-581.jpg
Adams Wedding-621.jpg

Vendors for the Adams Wedding:

Photographer's Assistant: Sara Grace McClain

Dress: I Do Bridal & Formal

Venue: Watson Farms Mobile, Alabama

Cake: Cakes by Judi

Caterer: Tyner's Catering

Lauren & Justin | Engaged

Lauren and Justin Mobile Alabama Engagement

One of the sweetest things about being a photographer is becoming a part of people's stories. Sometimes even becoming a part of the family. As a photographer you are entrusted with some of the most exciting seasons in one's life. From marriage to babies, I've seen it all behind the lens.

A few summers ago I met Lauren at her brother's wedding & now here we are planning hers. Lauren met her beau, Justin, at church & never dreamed of the adventure that the following years would entail. "I know for a fact that God sent him to our church so that we could meet. He is my best friend, makes me laugh constantly & is the most caring guy that I know."

Justin would later propose to Lauren in that same church. As they walked into the sanctuary with rose petals and candles set up on the stage, she instantly knew the question he was about to ask. All the years of prayers led to this moment & they both stood trusting in God's perfect plan. "It was the sweetest proposal and I couldn't have asked for it to be any better than it was," Lauren commented.

Lauren and Justin Mobile Alabama Fall Engagement
Lauren and Justin Mobile Alabama Fall Engagement Lou's Jewelry

Lou's Jewelry in Mobile, Alabama did it again! They crafted the perfect ring for Lauren.

Lauren and Justin Mobile Alabama Fall Engagement
Lauren and Justin Mobile Alabama Fall Engagement

You'll be seeing more of Lauren & Justin soon as they prepare for their June 2018 wedding!

The Smileys | 11.4.17

Ariel and Mark Smiley November Wedding Mobile Alabama

'A Tale as Old as Time' played as the bride made her way down the aisle towards her prince who couldn't hold back the tears. 

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared

All your life you've heard, love will find you when you least expect it. And if you are anything like me you laughed. Until it happens to you. *So here is my public apology! I was wrong.

Same goes for Ariel & Mark. They quickly became friends & after a few dates decided to embark on an adventure together. It wasn't long until Mark asked his girl to marry him in the glow of Cinderella's Castle while on vacation at Disney World. Ariel remarked, "It was a dream come true for me." And their wedding day was nothing short of a modern day fairy tale filled with lots of sparkle & laughter.

Smiley Wedding-22.jpg
November Wedding Mobile Alabama Battlehouse Hotel
November Wedding Mobile Alabama Azaela Manor
Smiley Wedding-157.jpg

Smiley Wedding-357.jpg
Smiley Wedding-406.jpg
Smiley Wedding-476.jpg

Brides, go for the veil. Every time. Trust me.

Smiley Wedding-536.jpg

Ya'll if I could blog every single one of their bride & groom portraits I most certainly would. They are a stunning couple! Goodness!

Smiley Wedding-520.jpg
Smiley Wedding-580.jpg
Smiley Wedding-593.jpg

Smiley Wedding-649.jpg
Smiley Wedding-702.jpg
Smiley Wedding-738.jpg
Smiley Wedding-752.jpg
Smiley Wedding-822.jpg
Smiley Wedding-833.jpg

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Smiley! And cheers to all the wonderful vendors, too!

Bride's Dress: Essense of Australia | Purchased at I Do Bridal & Formal in Mobile, Alabama

*Click here for the link to Ariel's Bridals taken at the beaufitul Bellingrath Gardens.

Venue: Azalea Manor

Caterer: Tyner's Catering

Second Shooter: Ashley Brooke Mason

Bride & Groom Cakes: Valerie Jackson

Videographer: Chase Smith

Makeup: Tabitha Johnson & Morgan Knotts

Rings: Hayes Jewlers

Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Francia's Formal Affair

Draping & Lights: Sterling Event Design

Transportation: Carriages of Pensacola

Rentals: Mobile Popcorn

Catharine & Kevin | Engaged

Catharine & Kevin Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session

Early morning sessions normally aren't my thing but between these two & that light, I might schedule them more often.

Catharine & Kevin met in college during an anatomy class & have been dating for nearly 3 years. Now they are planning a small & intimate Spring wedding. I have photographed them both individually but never together. And what a treat that was to finally have that opportunity.

We met up for their engagement session at Springhill College & walked along the avenue of grand oaks with their precious pup, Ava. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!

Catharine & Kevin Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session
Catharine & Kevin | Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session
Catharine & Kevin Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session

Catharine & Kevin Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session
Catharine & Kevin Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session
Catharine & Kevin Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session
Catharine & Kevin Springhill Mobile Alabama Engagement Session

A Year in Review | 2017


As 2017 draws to a close, I will remember this one as a building year & one where things got personal. Two years ago this little photography business was officially formed & I decided to dive head first into the world of weddings. I set a goal to become more intentional with my couples. And just this spring I walked into the bridal suite & the bride exclaimed, "Debby is here! It's really real. Today is my wedding day!" That simple statement meant the world to me. In that moment, all the hard work, all the hours spent behind the computer & camera, & all the struggles as a small business owner became worth it.

You see because I believe in cheering you on throughout your journey. Not just the day my brides step into their dress of white.

So today I celebrate another year of being able to pursue my passion. Another year where I was invited to capture over a dozen love stories. Another year of tickle fights & puppy kisses. Another year of heart to hearts shared over cups of coffee. And y'all that is a reason to celebrate.

Towery Wedding-234.jpg

Highlights of 2017

  • Discovered 17hats & began a workflow sequence that saves me from hours of bookkeeping. #notabusinessmajor

  • RISING TIDES SOCIETY - One of my goals this year was to network with other vendors & other creatives in the area. And what an answer to prayer this group was. Once a month we gather on Tuesdays to discuss a topic as small business owners. We encourage one another & support each others' dreams.

"We believe that when creatives rise, the world is changed for the better. Together, we are empowering the creative economy to pursue their passion with the support of a community."

Tuesdays Together 2.jpg
  • Shot my first editorial magazine cover for ACCESS magazine's Swim & Fitness Issue. Discover more & see some behind the scenes here on the blog. And then joined up with the ACCESS team again later on this year to photograph a group of Mobile's outstanding teens.

  • Started 12 tickle fights between parents & children that induced good ol' belly laughter.

Premier Wedding Mobile Bay Deborah Michelle Photography
  • Played dress up with five of my Deborah Michelle Brides as we awaited their wedding days.

Ariel Bridals Bellingrath Gardens Mobile Alabama
Catharine Bridals The Pillars Mobile Alabama
  • Traveled nearly 9,000 miles all while consuming more than 400 cups of coffee & many Chickfila cookies.

  • Celebrated 10 seniors. Some with confetti, one with a proposal & another with a baby announcement!

  • Reconnected with DMP couples as they embarked on a new adventure known as parenthood!

Natalie Maternity Session Washington Square Park
  • Enjoyed many puppy kisses. *Pups are always welcomed as long as I am a photographer!

Dauphin Island Engagement session
  • Smiled so much my cheeks hurt after meeting new couples who will get married in the new year!

Stephanie & Ryan | Engaged -30.jpg

Deborah Michelle Photography Behind the Scenes

To everyone who had a part in making 2017 memorable, thank you. You taught me more about myself & how to be a successful girl boss. You encouraged me & challenged me. You brought my heart much joy when you asked me to capture this season of life for you & your family. I will treasure all the friendships made & the lessons learned.

2018 has some big shoes to fill, but I have a feeling it will be extra special for this photographer who will now become a bride!

The O'Berrys | 05.20.17

Savannah & Robert May Wedding Mobile Alabama Springhill College Stewartfield

If I could only describe this wedding with one word it would be sweet. From the baby's breath tucked into the bride's hair to the groom's disposition as the church doors opened. The entire day was laced with joy & happiness as Robert & Savannah became husband & wife.

One of my favorite parts from their wedding day was when those closest to the couple gave speeches during the reception held at Stewartfield in Mobile, Alabama. Each one told of funny stories, including the moment Robert asked Savannah's Marine Corps father for his daughter's hand in marriage. Tears abounded from all in attendance, including me. Every word spoken reminded you of why everyone loves this couple.

Their wedding day was simply sweet in every way imaginable - rain showers included.

Ahhhhh! I simply adore this moment. Robert's dad reaching out to comfort his son the moment Savannah began her walk down the aisle towards him. So sweet!

O'Berry Wedding-243.jpg

Moments after this photo was snapped underneath the oaks trees known as the Avenue of Oaks in Mobile, Alabama, it started pouring. I am so glad that we got these in just in time & for a couple willing to risk a few sprinkles for portraits.

Savannah & Robert - it was a delight to witness your day one! Cheers to many more years of laughter & happiness with your best friend by your side.

Weddings take a team & here's who made this May Wedding possible:

Rings: Hayes Jewelers

Ceremony: St. Joseph's Chapel at Spring Hill College

Reception: Stewartfield at Spring Hill College

DJ: Phillip Worthy

Bride & Groom Cakes: Cakes by Judi

Pianist: Billy Kavula

Cantor: Tim Aguirre

Photographer's Assistant: Meredyth Greening

Kayla | Bridals

Kayla Bridals Swift Cole Historic Home Alabama Gulf Coast Weddings

I was talking to a friend earlier this week about how my first year of business I basically did everything I could to keep afloat. And this second year I have really tried to find my voice, my tribe & serve them the best I can. I can honestly say that Kayla is one of those precious finds. We have laughed & laughed together. From dreaming about the choir in busting out in "Hey Ya" during her wedding ceremony to sending gifs back & forth via text, she gets me.

Kayla trusted me when it came to picking a spot for her bridals. So being the hopeless romantic Southern gal that I am, I decided upon one of my favorite best kept secrets in Baldwin County - the Swift-Cole Historic Home in Bon Secour, Alabama. *We just so happened to pick out the most humid day known to man to adorn a wedding gown & walk around. Between the sticky Gulf Coast humidity, gnats & sweat, she rocked it.

This girl put in countless hours at the gym with her personal trainer, Rita, & it shows. Hello tiny waist & curves!! Nothing like feeling your absolute best for your wedding day. You get it girl! You are absolutely stunning! 

Kayla Bridals Swift Cole Historic Home Alabama Gulf Coast Bride

The Roberts | 05.06.17

Tracy & Jonathan Mobile Alabama Wedding Five Rivers Delta

One of the many perks to being a wedding photographer is that I have a front row seat to witness two people become husband & wife. And y'all - it brings my soul much joy!

I believe in so many things. But one of those things is smiling so much that your cheeks are physically sore from being genuinely so happy. Embracing those laugh lines found around your eyes instead of covering them up. They tell stories. Happy stories & stories spent smiling through the tears knowing the best is yet to come. The way your cheeks overtake your face drawing your teary eyes together as the doors open at the back of the church revealing your bride dressed in white. And the sweet sigh of relief as you spin around the dance floor bare foot in your husband's embrace underneath the stars. Whatever you do my dear, don't stop smiling.

Tracy is hands down one of the most joyful brides I've ever had the pleasure of working with. And her groom, Jonathan? Just as smitten as she is. From the moment I entered the bridal suite where the girls were getting ready to the moment rose petals fell from above at the end of the night, you could not wipe the smile off of this bride's face.

Surrounded by their families & dearest friends, Tracy became Mrs. Jonathan Roberts during a sweet ceremony held at Luke: 4:18 in Mobile, Alabama, on the most perfect Saturday in May. *I am not even kidding. The day before their wedding a rain shower came through that cooled off the area which was complete opposite for Mobile's usual humidity so thick that you can get stuck in it. No lie. **Everyone in the South sighs in agreement.

The celebration continued with dancing & cake (my favorite!) at the Five Rivers Delta Resource Center in Spanish Fort, Alabama. I love this venue especially during sunset when I can steal the couple away for a few "Just Married" portraits. ***Keep scrolling, trust me - they're so great. I mean my couples have been voted unanimously the most adorable. Ever.

I have too many favorites from this lovely wedding day, so for now I will let you take a peak inside Tracy & Jonathan's wedding day. May their smiles be contagious as you peruse their beginning.

I always ask my couples, brides especially, which side is their side. So when it came time for Jonathan's portraits, I asked him "What's your favorite side?" And his response was hands down the best I've ever heard. He responded with "mac 'n cheese". Yes. Needless to say, the groom & his men kept me laughing all day.

The guys certainly set the bar high for the day but Tracy's first look with her girls couldn't be topped. Such excitement & delight in each one of their faces. Ah! What an honor it is to see your best friend as a bride. (Side note: I met Tracy in college but felt more like a friend throughout this whole wedding planning process, so yeah I may or may not have cried too.)

Jonathan & Tracy chose to forgo a first look & see each other the moment she walked down the aisle. *Cue more tears* 

The mix of blues, white, blush pinks, & grays chosen by Tracy was perfect. Just perfect.