Natalie | Awaiting Baby

Natalie | Awaiting Baby Oakleigh Garden District Mobile Alabama

Last year Natalie & Ryan embarked on life as newlyweds. And this year they will welcome their first child, a sweet baby boy. Ah! I remember the moment I saw their announcement. It felt just like a family member telling me such exciting news. I adore all of my clients & Natalie was one of the sweetest & most carefree brides. So I was delighted when she reached out again & asked me to capture a few portraits of her to remember this sweet season of waiting.

Justin Blake, you are already so loved.

Natalie, you are going to be the best mommy to your sweet baby boy. I loved reconnecting with you for this session & thanks for enduring an afternoon in South Alabama during June at almost eight months pregnant. You look absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to encourage you & Ryan along in this new adventure!

Interested in seeing how far the Galloways have come???

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Mother's Day 2017 | A Personal Post

Dear Mom,

You once prayed for a little girl that'd be just like you. Well the Man upstairs certainly granted you that wish & then some. There's not a single day that goes by that I am not thankful for you.

You were there since day one. You are my biggest cheerleader (including my recent crazy tendencies - #running13.1milesforfun) & my support system when it seems like everything is falling a part. You are my secret business partner & constant sounding board. Sure we argue (hello we're too much a like). But I know I wouldn't survive a day without my best friend.

Let's be honest - I'd never find a thing in Walmart if it weren't for you or know how to make poppyseed chicken casserole. You are in fact right about everything. And thank you for spoiling your granddog, Elliot, too.

One day to celebrate you simply isn't enough.

I love you.

As a family photographer, I've been lucky to witness the interaction & love between a mother & her child. From the first cry to the first steps to the first booboo to graduation day - she's there.

One thing I treasure is the ability to watch some of my dearest friends take on the role of motherhood with such grace. You ladies inspire me daily.

As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite moments to capture is the moment when a mother helps her daughter into her wedding dress. I myself am not a mother but can only imagine this being a moment that mom has dreamed about since the moment she heard "it's a girl"!

*It is actually a rule of mine on wedding day - to not get into your dress without me present. It's that important to me!

Boy moms - I haven't forgotten about you! You've spent years washing dirt stains out of baseball pants followed by many nervous nights after he turned 16 & got that first truck. You've spent many days praying for that young man in your life. And momma, you did good. Your baby boy is now a man who will leave home to start his own home with his beautiful bride (whom you've been praying diligently for too). Be proud.

And I will not ignore the fact that this day is hard for many. You may have lost your mom this year. Or you may have had a miscarriage & struggling to hold it together today. But do know that I am praying for you. You are so loved & your worth is far more than rubies.

Happy Mother's Day to all the strong, selfless & ever inspiring mothers. Thank you to all the moms, grandmas, birth moms, adoptive moms, & fur moms. To be a mother is to be love. Thank you & forever grateful for all that you do. | Aenny Chung