Lauren | Spring Hill College Avenue of Oaks Bridal Portraits

Lauren | Avenue of Oaks Springhill College Bridal Portraits

Did you know that bridal portrait sessions date back to WWII? You see it was rare to have a photographer at your wedding back then, so the bride would go into the photographer's studio a few weeks before her wedding for a portrait in her wedding gown. And those portraits would become family keepsakes adorning the hallway of the bride's home for all to see. *Read more about this tradition over on Southern Weddings!

I have no doubt that Lauren's granddaughters will one day see these portraits of her & gasp at how beautiful of a bride she was. So elegant & timeless in her ballgown dress, yet young & romantic with her hair up & long veil drifting about in the breeze.

Do you ever think of the legacy you will leave behind? The memories that you will create with your family that will be shared with generations to come. The laughter. The joy. My prayer is that the portraits I capture for my brides will remind them of this special season in their lives. And with their hair all grey & laugh lines surrounding their face, they will tell stories to those gathered around her rocking chair of how she once fell in love in the most magical way.

Lauren | Avenue of Oaks Springhill College Bridal Portraits

Lauren is one of my most joyful brides. I absolutely loved spending time with her & her mother at the Avenue of Oaks on Springhill College's campus one Sunday afternoon. Overcast no doubt but made radiant by the bride's smile. I had way too many favorites from this bridal portrait session, so enjoy a few of them!

Lauren | Avenue of Oaks Springhill College Bridal Portraits
Lauren | Avenue of Oaks Springhill College Bridal Portraits
Lauren | Avenue of Oaks Springhill College Bridal Portraits
Lauren | Avenue of Oaks Springhill College Bridal Portraits
Lauren | Avenue of Oaks Springhill College Bridal Portraits

I cannot wait to share Lauren & Justin's wedding day with you soon! Stay tuned!

Bride's Gown & Veil: Bliss Bride Fairhope, Alabama

Venue: Spring Hill College Avenue of Oaks Mobile, Alabama

Hair & Makeup: Mallory Gleason Root 43 Salon

Florals: Trayce Mathis

Ring: Lou's Jewelry

Haley | Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Bridal Portraits

Haley Bridal Portraits Bragg Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer

You're engaged. Now what?! My best advice - find another bride who is also in the midst of planning hers too. I found mine & it was such a blessing.

Meet Haley. My friend & fellow spring bride. I met Haley a few years ago & we talked about single life & never thought we'd eventually get married within weeks of one another. But the Lord had other plans. We both found the greatest of guys even when we were a little skeptical that any still even existed. So as soon as she got engaged it was a no brainier that we'd share lists of local vendors & bounce ideas off of one another.

I literally squealed when she asked me to be her wedding photographer & cried happy tears when she booked one of my favorite Mobile venues for her wedding day. So needless to say I was thrilled when she took advantage having her bridal session at the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion the month before her big day. Two things: I have no doubt that this Pronovias Princia gown from Something New Bridal Boutique was made just for Haley. It fits her like a glove & took my breath away when she walked out in it. And her veil was perfection. See for yourself....

Haley Bridal Portraits Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile Alabama

Brace yourself for this next portrait....

Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Bridal Portraits Mobile Alabama Wedding Photographer


*Funny story: the Bragg-Mitchell was open for tours the day we took Haley's bridals & a few of the tourists snapped pictures of this Southern Bride while we were setting up this shot. "I felt like a celebrity!" she later mentioned.

Haley | Full Gallery-53.jpg
Haley | Full Gallery-101.jpg

Isn't the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion just the sweetest backdrop for this gorgeous Southern bride?!

Haley Bridal Portraits Mobile Alabama Bragg-Mitchell Mansion

P.S. If you think these bridal portraits are stunning just wait until you see her with her groom on her wedding day. Haley literally glows!

Haley | Full Gallery-143.jpg

Venue: Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Mobile, Alabama

Bride's Dress: Something New Bridal Boutique Mobile, Alabama

Bride's Ring: Ritani

Florals: Sarah Beth's Florist

Hair & Makeup: Genesis Salon Mobile, Alabama

Expert Veil Tosser: Lori, the bride's sweet momma

Stephanie | Bella Sera Gardens Bridal Portraits

Bella Sera Bridal Session Gulf Coast Weddings

I don't know about you but when I was a little girl, I played dress up all the time. At my grandmother's house I would dig through her craft room for fabric scraps & piece together the fanciest of wedding gowns. And other times I would host slumber parties for my friends & we would sip tea while dolled up in my mother's dresses & high heel shoes. So I think it's only fitting that when it's your turn to be a bride that you play dress up one more time before your big day!

Stephanie was thrilled when she stumbled upon Bella Sera Gardens as the location of her bridal portraits. And so was I. Bella Sera Gardens is one of the Gulf Coast's newest wedding venues & it is gorgeous. I had the hardest time narrowing down my favorites from this session, so enjoy!

Stephanie Bridal Session Spring Wedding

This swinging bed with that afternoon light. Oh. My. Goodness.

Bella Sera Gardens Bridal Session Loxley Alabama
Bella Sera Gardens Bridal Session Gulf Coast Bride Stephanie

Shout out to Stephanie's maid of honor for creating the perfect veil toss! I may have to recruit her for future sessions.

Stephanie Gulf Coast Bride Bella Sera Gardens Bridal Portraits

I am so in love with these black & white portraits. So elegant & timeless.

Bella Sera Gardens Bridal Session Gulf Coast Bride

Dress: Bliss Bridal - Fairhope, Alabama

Venue: Bella Sera Gardens - Loxley, Alabama

Ariel | Bridals

Ariel Bridal Portraits Bellingrath Gardens Mobile Alabama

Bridal portrait sessions are some of my favorites, hands down. But they are so hard to keep to myself sometimes. I won't forget the day Ariel stepped out in her wedding gown. It took my breath away. I had not seen anything like it before. The fit & flair style (yes, I watch way to much Say Yes to the Dress) paired with her simple veil & long red curls were every photographer's dream!

Now that Ariel is Mrs. Smiley I can finally share a few of my favorites from her day of dress up. *Plus I am sharing a few tips on how to prepare for your very own bridal session...just keep reading.

Ariel Bridal Portraits Bellingrath Gardens Mobile Alabama

Goodness, this bride is goregous!

Ariel | Bridals-83.jpg

It's like Ariel stepped into a magical secret garden for these shots. Ah so in LOVE!

Ariel | Bridals-74.jpg

And now can we just discuss the back of her dress from I Do Bridal & Formal? It is stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Ariel Bridal Portraits Bellingrath Gardens Mobile Alabama
Ariel Bridal Portrait Session Bellingrath Gardens Mobile, Alabama

...and if these are her bridals just wait until you see the photos from her wedding day! She knocked that one out of the park, too! Stay tuned :)

Just a few friendly tips from your photographer if you are planning to book a bridal session during the fall in Mobile, Alabama:

  1. Bring a portable fan. It doesn't matter if it's the end of September, it will still be a thousand degrees outside. That mixed with 10 layers of me, you'll want a fan.
  2. Stay hydrated & bring a little something to eat beforehand. You will fit into your dress, I promise. Plus I don't need you passing out on me.
  3. Bring your sweet momma (or best friend). Having an extra set of hands is soooo helpful. They will be there to help you laugh, to wipe away the sweat, to fluff out your train, to hold your veil...and the list goes on.
  4. But most of all remember to have fun! This is your time to play dress up before the big day. Schedule a trial run with hair & makeup. Walk around in your shoes. Your only job is to relax & smile because the next time you put on your dress will be your wedding day that you've only dreamed about.

Bride's Dress: I Do Bridal & Formal Mobile, Alabama

Bridal Portrait Location: Bellingrath Gardens & Home Theodore, Alabama

Ring: Hayes Jewelers

Florals: Sharon Summerlin with Costco