Ariel & Mark | Engaged

Ariel and Mark Dauphin Island Alabama Engagement Session

I believe in date nights spent at home. Curled up on the couch. Swimming in a sea of cozy blankets. A bucket of buttery popcorn in the middle. And you're letting him choose the movie tonight because you chose last time. It's been a long week & as much as you'd love to put on that new sundress & go out you know you need to slow down. To reconnect with the one who captured your heart months ago. So you stay in.

Ariel & Mark met a few years ago & the rest is history. They enjoy date nights spent at home, too. I think far too often we get caught up in always going that we forget the importance of quality time. So we intentionally traveled to where the ocean meets the shore for one of the sweetest sunset engagement sessions. 

Ariel and Mark Dauphin Island Alabama Engagement Session

If this engagement session was any indication as to what this weekend holds I cannot wait! See you two on Saturday!

Ariel and Mark Dauphin Island Alabama Engagement Session

The Proposal | Sarah Margaret & Chance

One day I received an email from Mrs. Freeman inquiring about a family session & my immediate thought was 'Is Chance going to propose?' But after consulting his sister, who happens to be a best friend, she said no. 

A few weeks go by & Mrs. Freeman wants to talk & go over location details for their upcoming session. Perfect. And that's when I discovered that at the end of their family session a proposal would take place!

***Insert little girl screams***

Chance texted me - letting me know that he was on his way. And that's when I began to shake. SM's life was about to completely change & she had absolutely no idea!

SM's knight in shining armor came riding up on horse back! *Insert every girl's dream!!! 


So excited to capture their wedding day this Saturday, 11/19/16! 

Ring created by Lou's Jewelry in Mobile, Alabama.