The Proposal | Sarah Margaret & Chance

One day I received an email from Mrs. Freeman inquiring about a family session & my immediate thought was 'Is Chance going to propose?' But after consulting his sister, who happens to be a best friend, she said no. 

A few weeks go by & Mrs. Freeman wants to talk & go over location details for their upcoming session. Perfect. And that's when I discovered that at the end of their family session a proposal would take place!

***Insert little girl screams***

Chance texted me - letting me know that he was on his way. And that's when I began to shake. SM's life was about to completely change & she had absolutely no idea!

SM's knight in shining armor came riding up on horse back! *Insert every girl's dream!!! 


So excited to capture their wedding day this Saturday, 11/19/16! 

Ring created by Lou's Jewelry in Mobile, Alabama.